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We've been building iOS and web apps since 2010 and we'd love to work with you.

Daniel de Haas
Daniel Moreh

About us

We’re senior freelance developers based in the SF Bay Area, currently available for remote work from October 2020 onwards.

We build native iOS and Mac apps in Swift, though we’ve got the background to work with Objective-C codebases too. For full-stack web apps we use Rails and React.

We’ve worked with big names like Lyft and Google, startups like Triplebyte and zyBooks, and small businesses like Augie and Duco. We’ve published about a dozen indie projects of our own, and over the years our work has been featured in the App Store multiple times.

On a more personal note, the two of us met in pre-school and we’ve been close friends since. It’s a dream come true to support ourselves by building high-quality apps together.

Our Tech Stack


Selected Projects



When we’re not working on freelance projects, you’ll find us working on our latest personal project, Keysmith.

Keysmith lets you create custom keyboard shortcuts for your Mac (and the web).

We built the Mac app with Swift and SwiftUI. The website was built with Rails and React. And the browser extensions are vanilla JavaScript.

We also did all the product and design work for Keysmith using Figma.


Available on the App Store

Woebot is a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy based chatbot that helps people think and feel better using evidence based techniques.

It's been featured in the App Store many times, including as App of the Day in October 2019. The app has a 4.8/5 star rating on 3k+ reviews.

Daniel M worked on Woebot as the sole iOS engineer, building the app from the ground up in Swift.



Daniel D is really, really into Emacs.

org-web lets you directly edit your org files online (org files are like a combined todo manager and calendar). It syncs with Dropbox and Google Drive and is optimized for mobile use.

org-web is built with React and runs entirely on the front end.

org-web is open source and has becme a popular solution for editing org files. It has 1k+ stars on GitHub.



Augie is an app that connects large manufacturers with extra inventory to buyers looking for reduced prices on bulk goods.

Daniel D implemented Augie from top to bottom as a fixed-price contract.

Augie is built with React and Rails.

Duco Experts


Duco Experts is a platform for connecting with the world's top consultants in government, defense, technology, security, and foreign policy.

Daniel D worked with Duco Experts on a long-term contract. While there, he helped implement various features core to the product, like a private messaging system and a news feed.

Duco Experts is built on React and Rails.

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