Daniel de Haas

Software engineer

About me

I'm a software engineer currently working on Tensor, Godspeed, and Keysmith.

I used to work at Dispatch, Triplebyte, and zyBooks. I've also taught a class on front end web development at General Assembly.

I'm really into Emacs and my dog Winnie.


I've written a few blog posts.

Things I've built and done

Godspeed is a todo manager built for speed and keyboard orientation. Every action in Godspeed is doable from your keyboard and will respond instantly.

Keysmith lets you create custom keyboard shortcuts for any string of actions you can do with your mouse and keyboard.

Polyordle let's you play any number of Wordle games simultaneously.

My girlfriend and I built Dreamie together. Relax by choosing from a set of calming videos, music, and ambient sounds.

Window Flicker is a small window management utility for macOS that lets you "flick" your windows to different positions on your screen.

org-web is an online org-mode viewer and editor that's optimized for mobile use. It syncs with Dropbox and Google Drive. (And its open source!)

Find Hacker News Comments is a Chrome extension that lets you find Hacker News comments for the webpage you're looking at.

Icon Tryer Outer was a web app that let you easily test out icons on mobile devices.

Annotate is a little tool for annotating images with simple shapes. (its also open source!)

Tab Rearranger is a Chrome extension that lets you rearrange your tabs with keyboard shortcuts. Its super simple but I can no longer live without it.

YOLO is a Chrome extension I built with a friend that turns "Submit" buttons into "YOLO" buttons. Its proof that 11 lines of code can make a difference. I don't actually run this extension because its annoying. You probably shouldn't run it either.

Dispatch was a Slack client that gave you an inbox for your messages. You could archive, snooze, or filter Slack messages just like you would email. It was incredibly well loved by a couple hundred users, but ultimately didn't get enough traction to continue.

I worked at Triplebyte from 2016 to 2018. Triplebyte helps engineers find jobs. They put engineers through a technical interview and only let the top folks through. They then introduce those engineers to partner companies who trust Triplebyte's vetting process.

I worked at zyBooks from 2012 to 2016. zyBooks creates interactive, online textbooks for college students. They've since been bought by Wiley.